Promote a healthy environment. Help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria by utilizing hand sanitizer by Cintas. Fast-acting and gentle enough on skin for everyday use, Cintas hand sanitizers work to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Available in a flexible program with multiple dispensing options to fit your needs. Put sanitizer where you need it with multiple stand options.

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How A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Service Works

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No upfront inventory investment

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Every week we monitor, refill and maintain dispensers

Hand Soap Solutions


Flexible programs to meet your changing needs

Features and Benefits

Remove dirt and bacteria in a neat, efficient and environmentally friendly way with our hand soap and sanitizer dispensers.

Our hand soap dispensers are specially designed to ensure your restroom users are never left without soap. Each refill lasts 1250 uses and a refill indicator clearly shows when a refill is needed, without having to open the dispenser. The refills were designed to be smart and environmentally friendly and come in a compact 0.5 L bag. A single use pump is attached to each refill making it drip free and easy to maintain.

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View the product in eleven vibrant choices:

  • Siganture Series True Blue Manual Hand Soap
  • Signature Series Hand Soap Red
  • Signature Series Hand Soap Dispenser Orange
  • Signature Series Hand Soap Dispenser Green
  • Signature Series Hand Soap Dispenser White
  • Signature Series Hand Soap Dispenser Navy
  • Hand Soap Dispenser Black
  • Signature Series Hand Soap Dispenser Stainless
  • Signature Series Hand Soap Dispenser Grey
  • Signature Series Hand Soap Dispenser Tan
  • Siganture Series Camo Manual Hand Soap


Germs and bacteria are on the job every day. Cintas helps you stay READY™ with convenient, effective hand sanitization. Germ-X® Advanced Hand Sanitizer uses a patented formula to bring advanced technology and greater germ-killing efficacy† to the challenge.

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  • Fast-acting Germ-X® formula kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Gentle for everyday use
  • Moisturizing agent keeps hands soft and protects against drying skin
  • Available in alcohol-based and alcohol-free formulas

Desktop Stand

  1. Long lasting refills = sanitizer when you need it
  2. Professional, high image metal stand fits most décor

Full Size Stand

  1. Drip tray keeps sanitizer on hands, not on the floor
  2. Portable, freestanding unit = sanitizer where you need it


Provide the first line of defense against germs in the workplace by adding the Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Stand to your Cintas program today. Help reduce the spread of germs and promote a healthy environment through better hand hygiene as endorsed by the CDC.

  • Compatible with both the Sanis® Traditional dispenser and the Cintas Signature Series® dispenser
  • Ideal for use in high traffic areas, kitchens, restrooms, or anywhere soap and water are not readily available

†Germ-X Advanced Hand Sanitizer vs. 70% ethanol formula without efficacy enhancers outlined in the Food and Drug Administration: Tentative Final Monograph for Healthcare Antiseptic Drug Products: Proposal Rule. Federal Register 59 (116) pp. 31402 – 31452. June 17, 1994.

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