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The fragrance of a conventional air freshener dispenser diminishes during the life of the refill. With this revolutionary solution, the strength of the fragrance remains constant throughout the 60 day refill life. One refill of Clean Breeze and Citrus Mango can cover an area up to 3,000 cubic feet and Citrus Slice can cover up to 6,000 cubic feet.

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How An Air Freshener Dispenser Service Works

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No upfront inventory investment

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Every week we monitor, refill and maintain dispensers

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Features and Benefits

Signature SeriesĀ® Air Freshener Dispensers leave your facility smelling fresh all day long. The passive system allows fragrance to gradually evaporate into the air without any aerosols, propellants or batteries. For restrooms where increased fragrance control is needed, Signature SeriesĀ® offers an advanced air freshener dispenser for maximum odor control.

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View the product in eleven vibrant choices:

  • Signature Series True Blue Air Freshener
  • signature series air freshener red
  • signature series air freshener orange
  • signature series air freshener green
  • Signature Series Air Freshener White
  • signature series air freshener blue
  • signature series air freshener black
  • signature series air freshener stainless
  • signature series air freshener grey
  • signature series air freshener tan
  • Signature Series Camo Air Freshener

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