It’s estimated that over 50% of complaints about buildings concern the upkeep of the restrooms. Signature Series® automatic paper towel dispensers are a unique, paper-saving machine. The dispenser is equipped with customizable dispensing options that allow your business to control how much and how often paper is provided. It features a built-in delay between hand-waves to limit unnecessary dispenses and a waste-saving feature so the second sheet is 25 percent shorter than the first on consecutive hand-waves.

How The Service Works

  • No upfront inventory investment
  • Every week we monitor, refill and maintain dispensers
  • Flexible programs to meet your changing needs
  • How the Service Works
    No upfront inventory investment
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    Every week we monitor, refill and maintain dispensers
  • How the Service Works
    Flexible programs to meet your changing needs
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A clean restroom not only protects the users’ health and saves money; it also leaves a powerful impression of your business.

The high-capacity design of the dispenser stores more paper than traditional dispensers – 800 ft. – and features a stub roll holder and low-product-level indicator. On a weekly basis, Cintas’ restocking service will monitor inventory levels, deliver fresh, clean product and ensure that all dispensers are full and functioning.


80% of restroom users rate the cleanliness of a restroom based on the availability of paper towels.* Single use paper towels provide users a method to dry their hands and exit the restroom without recontamination from a dirty door handle. Disposable towel systems also eliminate any airborne bacteria associated with air dryers.

*Cintas proprietary research ©2008
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