Sanis® Traditional Series Restroom Dispensers

Sanis® Traditional Series. Attractive, updated family look, industrial strength that holds up to high volume traffic, smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. No more running the risk of frustrating customers with empty restroom dispensers. With our routine scheduled service, you’ll always have essential products on hand, like soap, paper and air freshener products.

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How A Restroom Dispenser Service Works

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No upfront inventory investment

How the Service Works Step 2


Every week we monitor, refill and maintain dispensers

Hand Soap Solutions


Flexible programs to meet your changing needs

Traditional Series Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

Automatic Paper Towel

Traditional Series Manual Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel

Traditional Series Double Toilet Paper Dispenser

Double Toilet Paper

Traditional Series Single Toilet Paper Dispenser

Single Toilet Paper

Traditional Series Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

Automatic Hand Soap

Traditional Series Air Freshener

Air Fresheners

Traditional Series Manual Hand Soap Dispenser

Hand Soap

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