Fire Protection Services

Your fire protection devices and systems are essential to keeping your building prepared, assets protected and people safe. With professional testing and inspection services, we help you keep these important resources ready™ for an emergency.


Fire protection services work quietly in the background, behind the daily efforts you and your team put into keeping your business clean, safe and prepared. You count on these monitoring and defense systems to be primed for the response you’ll need should a fire emergency occur.

From floor to ceiling, office space to supply closets, kitchens to restrooms, we’re dedicated to helping you strengthen your fire protection systems, with skilled maintenance, inspection and services you need for peace of mind.

What does it look like? Careful inspection of fire extinguishers and training your team on how to use them. Round-the-clock monitoring of your facility for smoke or fire. Testing emergency and exit lights. Going over every inch of your fire sprinkler system to review hanger, pipe fittings, sprinkler heads and so much more.

We know it’s the details that count when it comes to fire protection. It’s why we’re focused on providing you with tailor-made solutions that fit the unique needs of your facility.




Value Inspection Program

Our people include a national network of knowledgeable technicians with thousands of training hours and the support of a local office. For detailed reassurance and support, our process relies on a vast infrastructure and technology-driven paper trail. We promise to deliver the world class customer service Cintas is known for and to help you keep your people and property safe.



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National Fire Protection Service

Consolidated, full-service fire protection services for your entire organization.
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