Your fire extinguishers perform two primary functions: controlling or putting out a small fire, and protecting evacuation routes that may be blocked by a fire. You need them to work at a moment’s notice, so have them carefully inspected and tested to keep them ready™. Our fire extinguisher service includes maintenance, testing and inspection of your fire extinguishers, detailed documentation and the convenience of 24/7 on-call support. Ask about additional fire protection services, such as our unique even-exchange program and installation of signs, accessories and more.

How A Fire Extinguisher Service Works

visual inspection of fire extinguisher


Visual Inspection

  • We look for noticeable damage to the outside of the extinguisher.
  • Is the equipment up to date with required internal inspections and tests?
physical inspection of fire extinguisher


Physical Inspection

  • Are the moving parts (gauge, hose, handle) free from damage?
  • Is the fire extinguisher sufficiently charged with the correct retardant weight?
tagging fire extinguisher



Once an extinguisher passes our performance tests, we digitally scan and document all extinguishers for your records 

fire extinguisher inspection


With our Extinguisher Even Exchange service, we’ll provide a tested, functional unit right away with no interruption in service.

  • Provides similarly rated extinguishers that are tested, serviced and tagged
  • Documentation with VIPs can provides transparency of how your equipment was serviced
  • Replacement units must pass stringent performance tests

Value Inspection Program

Our people include a national network of knowledgeable technicians with thousands of training hours and the support of a local office. For detailed reassurance and support, our process relies on a vast infrastructure and technology-driven paper trail. We promise to deliver the world class customer service Cintas is known for and to help you keep your people and property safe.


fire sprinkler system

National Fire Protection Service

Consolidated, full-service fire protection services for your entire organization.
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