Critical Storage and Equipment Often Require Special Treatment

What you’re protecting can have an effect on how you’re protecting it. Get protection for your businesses sensitive areas as well as valuable equipment. Special protective equipment can mean all the difference should a disaster occur.


  • When it comes to your sensitive electrical and manufacturing equipment, wet sprinklers may not be the best answer for suppressing a fire. Instead, a clean agent system may be better and can help extinguish a fire quickly while causing minimal damage to your equipment.
  • It's not enough to have a suppression system installed it must be professionally maintained and it’s your responsibility to keep it up to code. That's where Cintas' experience in testing and inspection come in. We’re truly passionate about helping you keep your system ready.


  • Helps you stay compliant. Often times, ongoing servicing is required by the NFPA and your local Authority-Having-Jurisdiction (AHJ).
  • Helping you keep your equipment ready. Many fire suppression systems require periodic testing and consistent inspections to continue functioning properly.
  • Increases insurance coverage eligibility. Many insurance companies may not cover damages caused by fire unless a company has documented that periodic inspections and maintenance have been performed on their suppression systems.
  • Promotes safety. Having your fire suppression systems properly serviced and functioning can help you save property and more importantly lives during a fire.


  • Emergency service: We’re on call to diagnose and repair system problems — so you can be confident you'll have service when you need it.
  • Semi-annual inspections: Twice a year, your Cintas technician will examine your system including detectors, gas containers, releasing panels, manual pull stations, abort and auxiliary functions.

* Service options may vary depending on service locations.

Confidence and care with our Value Inspection Program*

One of the biggest benefits of your Cintas Fire Protection program is the fact that you’re automatically enrolled in our exclusive Value Inspection Program. It’s just one more way we give you complete confidence that you’re getting top-of-the-line fire protection for your business — backed by:

  • People with deep knowhow, who bring you world-class service and an in-depth understanding of fire protection.
  • A process dedicated to delivering innovative technologies that help you better manage your fire program.
  • A promise that backs our word, with an exclusive guarantee unlike anything in the industry.

* Subject to standard terms and conditions.

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