Tapes and Gauze

How A Tape and Gauze Service Works



On-site when you need us, providing industry leading products and services



Trained professionals deliver your first aid supplies

Assortment of Cintas Cabinets


Consistent service schedule, we monitor, re-fill and maintain your first aid cabinets

Tapes, Wraps and Gauze

Various types of tapes, wraps and gauze for when an injury requires additional attention due
to the type, size or location.

  • Adhesive Tape

    Cloth-backed, vinyl-coated water resistant tape offers strong support to securely hold dressings and bandages in place.

  • Elastic Tape

    Durable, stretchy, ventilated cloth tape adheres securely, yet is flexible for comfort.

  • Elastic Wrap

    Provides dependable compression and support. Metal clips provided to secure ends.

  • Ready-Rip®

    Self-adherent, lightweight, comfortable wrap that can support strains, sprains and other injuries. Woven material is easy to tear and does not require scissors.

  • Sterile and Non-Sterile Roll Wrap

    Flexible roller bandage is used to hold other bandages or dressings in place.

  • Sterile Gauze Pads

    Perfect for cleaning minor cuts and scratches or applying medications. Multiple size options available in individually wrapped packaging.


  • AED Program

    You only get one chance to change the outcome during a cardiac event. You can help save a life with an AED in your facility.
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  • Emergency Eyewash Program

    Eyewash stations and regular service so you can be confident you’re prepared for an eye emergency.
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  • First Aid & Safety Overview

    Learn how Cintas can be the single source for your workplace safety needs, saving you time and money.
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