How A Biohazard Disposal System Service Works



Provide on-site assessment of your safety and PPE needs



Trained professionals deliver your biohazard disposal systems



We stock, maintain, replenish your safety cabinets

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Infection Control Kit

    This handy polypropylene kit has the necessary items to protect areas of the body most likely to be exposed to infectious material during the clean-up of bodily fluids as mandated by OSHA BBP Standard 1910.1030.

  • Xpedite Mail-Back Sharps® Medical Waste System

    A cost effective mail-back disposal system for bio hazardous waste. As soon as your waste has been destroyed, a “Certificate of Destruction” will be returned for your records.

  • Sharps® Biohazard Disposal Containers

    Units are molded from puncture-resistant polypropylene with a locking top flap that permanently closes to protect against accidental exposure as well as unauthorized removal. Container meets all OSHA and EPS Standards.

  • Biohazard Bio-Bags

    A durable bio-hazard bag that is a must for every business and first aid cabinet. Box contains 4 biohazard bags for disposal of soiled items.

Did You Know

Cintas offers proactive and reactive solutions to meet OSHA Standard CFR 1910.1030 (d)(1):


  • BBP Training
  • Nitrile Gloves


  • BBP Kits
  • Sharps Containers


  • Safety Center

    Get your PPE organized and stay stocked on your safety supplies with the Cintas Safety Center program.
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  • Training Center

    On-site or online, Cintas Training & Compliance has the classes you want in the format you need.
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  • Waterbreak

    The all-in-one water service that allows you to consistently and affordably provide filtered drinking water to your employees and customers.
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