​Creating an exceptional collegiate dining experience goes beyond offering fresh, high-quality menu choices. It’s also about presenting a clean and professional dining environment that speaks to today’s students. 

Uniforms for your industry


Your dining staff can work comfortably in crisp, clean Chef Works® culinary apparel. We also offer women’s garments. Inclusive laundry service from Cintas includes pick up of dirty garments, professional laundering and weekly delivery of clean garments.  

  • Chef Works® 
  • Women’s-fit Garments  
  • Garment Dispensing Program 


Floor Services

Facility Services 

With scheduled service visits, Cintas helps keep every corner of your kitchen and dining hall clean and welcoming for all students, staff and guests. Our professional service includes delivering a fresh supply of aprons, towels, mops and kitchen mats every week and restocking your supply of restroom paper products, hygiene products and cleaning chemicals. 

  • Towels & Aprons 
  • Mops 
  • Mat Services 
  • Dining Cleaning Chemicals 
  • Signature Series Restroom Dispensers 
Cintas First Aid Cabinet in Use

First Aid and Safety 

Support the health and safety of your team. Our scheduled service visits include keeping your first aid cabinets stocked with products you choose to meet your needs. We also ​​​​inventory your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and provide engaging staff training on safety and compliance topics of your choosing. 

  • First Aid Cabinets 
  • Safety Supplies & Personal Protective Equipment 
  • AEDs Products & Services 
Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire Protection 

Don’t leave emergencies to chance in your kitchen. Our trained technicians inspect and service your fire protection equipment — from your fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems, to exit signs and kitchen suppression systems.  

  • Fire Extinguishers 
  • Exit Signs 
  • Compliance Training  
  • Fire Sprinklers  
  • Fire Alarm Systems  
  • Kitchen Suppression Systems 

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