Research & Lab Safety


​Foster an environment of safety every time students, faculty and staff step into your laboratories. This starts with putting proper controls in place to help minimize the risk of injury for your researchers and students. Leading products and professional services from Cintas can help.  

Uniforms for your industry


Add additional layers of protection for your researchers and students with ​​lab coats. Through our Lab Coat Program, we pick up dirty lab coats, inspect and perform any repairs or replacements, and hygienically launder them before delivering right back to you.  

  • White Lab Coats 
  • Cleanroom Products 
  • Flame Resistant Lab Coats  
  • FR/CP Lab Coats 
Cintas First Aid Cabinet in Use

First Aid and Safety 

Help your school stay prepared with Cintas. Our scheduled service visits include keeping your first aid cabinets well-stocked with the products you choose, your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) delivered, and your eyewash stations professionally serviced and ready to use.

  • First Aid Cabinets 
  • Safety Supplies & PPE 
  • Emergency Eyewash Service 
Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire Protection

When it comes to safety, you never want to leave emergencies to chance. With leading-edge technology, detailed processes and trained technicians, Cintas can help you streamline your fire protection efforts while delivering industry-leading value. 

  • Fire Extinguishers 
  • Exit Signs 
  • Fire Sprinklers 

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