Food Service

From the first welcome in the lobby to the prep and cooking work done in the kitchen, Cintas is right there with you, helping you create a first — and lasting — impression that keeps customers coming back.


Set the scene for a clean, enjoyable dining experience with products and services customized by you and expertly delivered by Cintas. Professional, stylish workwear that puts comfort and fit first keeps your servers, cooks, hosts and every member of your team cool and confident during every shift. Included laundry service means your teams have clean, polished apparel and accessories when they need it on a schedule you can count on.

Respond quickly and confidently to emergencies. Fully stocked and customizable first aid products and services help you tend to minor burns, cuts and serious medical events. Reliable fire protection, including fire alarm monitoring and fire extinguisher inspection, ensures you’re prepared to handle the unexpected. Sparkling clean bathrooms showcase your commitment to hygiene and comfort. 

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