Enhance Your Image

Whether you choose to rent or purchase, a Cintas custom uniform program will provide greater recognition, increased comfort, and even improved employee morale at your facility.

reusable isolation gowns
Reusable Isolation Gowns

Reduce exposure to contaminants with a non-surgical Cintas Isolation Gown Program.

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Improve productivity, build morale, and help patients recognize medical staff!

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Scrub Rental Program

Cintas Scrub Rental program — get the right scrub, at the right time, all the time!

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Healthcare Product Guide

Cintas products and services help you be your best!

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Improve Cleanliness & Patient Satisfaction

Boost patient satisfaction and reduce HAI's. Cintas can provide services that will help make patients feel safe and well cared for in your facility.

towel and mop
Microfiber Cleaning

The Cintas Microfiber Cleaning System makes cleaning faster, safer, and easier.

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mat programs
Matting Solutions

Mats trap dirt and liquids keeping your facility clean and reducing maintenance costs.

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Increase Safety & Reduce Risk

Protect your patients, visitors and staff. With our wide range of safety programs we help keep your hospital protected and in compliance.

first aid training
First Aid & Safety

Keep everyone safe. Cintas prepares you with first aid tools and emergency training.

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Fire Protection

Cintas Fire Protection ensures compliance, simplifies tracking, and reduces costs.

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Microfiber Cleaning Tools
Microfiber Cleaning Tools

Cintas microfiber mops and wipers make cleaning more efficient and effective all while removing 99.9% of surface contaminants.

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    Discover industry research and client experiences through our case studies and white papers.

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