Hotel Uniforms Tailored to Fit Your Style

In the hospitality industry, the image of your employees has a tremendous impact on your brand. Set yourself apart with Cintas’ retail-inspired, functional rental apparel that keeps employees feeling comfortable and confident throughout the day while also translating a reflection of your company’s professionalism, credibility and quality of work.

Why Rent Hotel Uniforms?
  • Proper Laundering: Improve efficiency by having employees' uniforms professionally laundered, inspected, and repaired on a regular basis.
  • Scheduled Deliveries: Our Service Sales Professionals deliver clean garments and pick up all dirty uniforms.
  • Scalable Program: Your program can be easily adjusted as the size of your team fluctuates, eliminating inventory challenges.
  • Flame Resistant Options: If your hazard assessment plan requires your employees to wear flame resistant clothing, Cintas offers options that are more durable, comfortable and lighter than any other garments of their type.
What Departments Should Consider Renting?
Engineering Uniforms








How The Hotel Uniform Rental Program Works

How the Service Works
How the Service Works
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