Published 05.08.15

Cost Saving Technologies for Fire Alarm Monitoring

Learn about potential cost saving technology options available to your business such as wireless RF monitoring.
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The vast majority of today’s fire alarm monitoring systems currently rely on a digital alarm transmitter that sends a communication across the traditional public switch telephone network (PSTN), or what’s also commonly known as a landline.

After hard lobbying by at least one major communications provider this past spring, the FCC issued a public statement outlining the proposed plan to eliminate the public switched telephone system (PSTN), or landlines, and replace it with a national internet protocol (IP) based switching system.

Whether or not traditional landlines are ever regulated out of existence, there are compelling reasons to consider “cutting the cord” today. Most buildings have at least one, if not two, phone lines dedicated to the fire alarm panel. In fact, the cost of those lines can far exceed the cost of the monitoring service itself.

One option, Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) monitoring, allows you to eliminate the cost and maintenance of wired telephone landlines, is UL and NFPA (Fire Code) approved, and is available right now in many markets.

Key benefits for moving to a Wireless RF alarm monitoring system:

  • Signals travel securely though FCC approved frequencies.
  • There is no need to integrate your life safety systems with the daily “ups and downs” of your Intranet or Internet networks.
  • RF technology was developed by the military and is designed to resist weather and other acts of nature.
  • RF networks provide multiple paths of communication to emergency personnel. This provides the redundancy that UL and the Fire Code require.
  • RF signals travel quickly and, in many applications, offer the fastest communication when an emergency happens on your property.
  • Unlike cell based options, RF is not carried on cellular networks which continue to evolve, possibly requiring expensive, future upgrades.

Whether or not you are managing two buildings, or two hundred, wireless RF alarm monitoring may be worth investigation for your properties. Contact your local Cintas Fire Protection service location for more information about this cost saving technology.


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