Published 05.08.15

Fire Extinguisher Training: Giving Your Employees the Skills to be Safe

Every facility has portable fire extinguishers by law. But do your employees know how to properly use them in the event of a fire? Learn more about Cintas fire extinguisher training.
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According to a 2011 Harris interactive poll, 77% of employees said they would have felt more comfortable using a portable fire extinguisher to put out a fire had they been trained. Train your employees on proper fire extinguisher usage. 

Every facility has portable fire extinguishers. After all, it’s required by law. But do your employees know how to properly use them to put out a small fire before it grows? Fire extinguisher training ensures that your employees will be confident in their skills should a fire emergency occur and enables them to eliminate small fires before they grow and cause significant damage to your facility.

Not only does it make sense to prepare your employees to use a fire extinguisher, it is also required by code. The National Fire Prevention Association requires that if an employer has provided portable fire extinguishers, he or she must also provide an educational program to familiarize employees with the principles of the fire extinguisher and the hazards involved in fighting incipient stage fires. This training is required to take place upon initial employment and annually thereafter. The local authority having jurisdiction for your facility may require that the training be provided more often.

Cintas offers both live and online fire extinguisher training classes to make sure your employees are prepared to fight a small fire should one occur.

Our live, on-site training program includes:

  • A detailed overview of the fire protection equipment in your facility, emergency procedures and evacuation routes
  • Proper use of all types of fire extinguishers; including indoor and outdoor hands-on training
  • Review of the classes of fires and how to fight each one


  • On-site assessment to discuss fire protection solutions for your business*
  • Customized service dates that fit your busy schedule*
  • Routine testing, inspection and maintenance of your fire protection equipment*

*Certain services may not be available in all market