Published 05.08.15

Protecting Your Computer Server Room From Fire Damage

Cintas installs, services and repairs all kinds of clean agent fire suppression systems. Read more for tips when assessing your server room fire protection needs.
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Sometimes traditional fire protection equipment, such as sprinkler systems and ABC dry chemical extinguishers can cause just as much (if not more) damage as the fire they intend to put out. This is especially true in computer server rooms — they contain valuable equipment that if damaged can cause major losses in productivity. Follow these tips when assessing your server room fire protection needs.

Know and comply with code. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) and your local authority having jurisdiction have set minimum requirements for fire protection that if not met could lead to inadequate protection and hefty fines. Requirements vary on a local level, and Cintas fire service technicians are responsible for knowing that code and ensuring that our customers are in compliance.

Understand your fire insurance policy. Many insurance companies have fire protection requirements built into their policies that go above and beyond the local minimum requirements. If a fire occurs and these requirements were not met, your insurance company will not pay for the replacement of equipment damaged by the fire.

Consider a clean agent suppression system. A fire in your computer server room can destroy your computer equipment and all of the data stored within. Depending on how essential these systems are to your business, it may be beneficial to install a clean agent suppression system. Clean agent suppression systems are often preferred in these areas because they limit damage to computer equipment and are easy to clean up after being deployed.

Understand the risks. Consider the impact a fire in your server room would have on your operations and determine the level of protection that makes the most sense for your facility. Remember to consider any required protection from your insurance company and local authority having jurisdiction.


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