Published 11.13.18

Can I Get My CPR Certification Online?

Important things to know about CPR and AED certifications.
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Office Training

The only acceptable way to receive a First Aid, CPR and AED certification online is through a certified instructor, after taking a certified online course, according to an OSHA interpretation letter. [1] OSHA is the federal agency responsible for overseeing and enforcing worker safety standards.

The OSHA letter explains:

“These standards require training in physical skills, such as bandaging and CPR. The only way these physical skills can be learned is by actually practicing them.”

Is online CPR certification valid?

No. Per OSHA, taking an online-only course is not acceptable. [2] However, taking a certified online course, which also includes an on-site skills evaluation from a certified instructor, is acceptable.

OSHA's Best Practices Guide: Fundamentals of a Workplace First-Aid Program explains, “(A) first-aid training program should have trainees develop hands-on skills through the use of mannequins and partner practice.”  [3]

Cintas is a partner with the American Heart Association, and can provide both the  official online course and the on-site skills check to get you certified. The American Heart Association CPR certification is among the most respected in the nation.

Valid CPR Certification Options

There are several options for CPR certification training, depending on your needs and schedule, and your physical location.

CPR training is offered online (remember however, CPR certification will require in-person evaluation). CPR certification training can be offered at your worksite, or at an appropriate off-site training facility. Blended training offers the best of both worlds, with both online and instructor-led components.

Which type of training will work for you depends on several considerations:

  • How you learn best
  • Federal regulations for your industry
  • State and workplace policies
  • Work schedule
  • Proximity to a training location

It’s important to evaluate those considerations before choosing a certification provider and a course delivery option.

How to Renew CPR Certification Online

CPR Certification lasts two years, although many participants choose to complete refresher training every 12 to 15 months.

The American Red cross finds that less than half of people certified can pass the CPR skills test one year after training. That’s why it’s important to refresh your skills on a regular basis. If you don’t keep your skills fresh, you could lose your edge. [4]

If your CPR certification expires, you will need to get a new certification.

You can refresh your knowledge online and your skills in-person to renew your certification. Contact your Cintas representative, and we can schedule your online American Heart Association CPR/AED course and on-site skills session.