Published 01.02.21

Three Tips to Create a “Home Like” Experience in Your Facility Restrooms

Creating an inviting, comfortable “home like” restroom experience can ensure a pleasant experience for your building occupants – while significantly elevating your business’s reputation.
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However, traditional commercial hygiene dispensers and products oftentimes don’t fit into the creative vision of an updated restroom design. Investing in stylish restroom dispensers paired with high-quality products can noticeably boost your restroom’s look to provide a welcoming, sophisticated restroom experience.

Below are three tips to enhance and elevate your restroom atmosphere: 

Implement Stylish Dispensers

Often overlooked,  restroom dispensers can impact the vibe and overall feel of the restroom. To help elevate the experience in your restroom, consider implementing stylish, high-quality restroom dispensers to provide an elegant appeal. There are many nature-inspired materials and finishes available that can complement a restroom’s unique design. For a warm, sleek soothing feel, consider bamboo. For a classic, elegant look, marble is a smart option. For instant texture and drama, lava rock is an attractive finish. 

Evaluate Product Quality

Beyond dispensers, consider the quality of the products you supply can significantly make a break a restroom experience. Products that exude quality and sophistication, like those used at high-end retail stores and in homes, can leave a lasting impression and impact the satisfaction level of a restroom encounter. Items to consider upgrading include toilet and facial tissue, soaps, lotions and air fresheners. In addition,  consider air fresheners and soaps with elegant fragrances such as frankincense and myrrh or tropical fruits and citrus fragrances.

Consider Commercial Convenience with Premium Appeal

When creating an exceptional restroom experience, it’s essential to ensure  restroom supplies are always stocked. If continuously stocking the restroom feels too time consuming or overwhelming, consider partnering with a service provider that regularly refills and replenishes traditional hygiene products, but with attractive design and premium product options. The service should refresh items such as soap and lotion dispensers, air fresheners, toilet tissue dispensers and caddies, hand towel dispensers and countertop display facial tissues on a routine basis. 

Providing sophisticated, yet practical dispensers and hygiene products in a facility restroom can drastically elevate its image to provide a “home like” experience and bring your design vision to fruition. Partnering with a provider that offers quality, luxurious products with a flexible program designed to meet your needs can help you impress your customers with ease.