Published 11.11.22

Looking for Extra Time and Money? Check Your Supply Closet

Quick. One of your team members needs something to get their job done: a clean mop, a microfiber cloth, glass cleaner. Now, picture your supply closet.
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Where are the clean mop heads? How much glass cleaner do you have on hand? Are the microfiber cloths color-coded for the job, and ready for grabbing? Your busy team may not have time to keep the supply closet organized, and that means it can be the first place to become messy and the last place to be put back together again, creating inconvenience and wasted space, among other hassles.

There’s a reason we love organization shows and magazine articles with titles like “20 Tips for Organizing Small Closets That Will Double Your Storage Space.” Remember when Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up spent more than a year on USA Today’s best seller list? “Studies have shown that it’s more difficult for a person to focus when their visual cortex is over-stimulated. As such, when the space is organized, it doesn’t deplete an individual’s energy level just to concentrate,” says Dr. Bethany Cook, a licensed clinical psychologist.

There’s real research behind the sense of satisfaction and calm we get from an organized and prepared space, too. According to Stanford University, “When your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information. Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment.” When someone from your team hunts for something in a messy supply closet - or just sidesteps the hassle of it altogether – they can lose time and momentum. The feeling of calm and efficiency that comes from a properly inventoried supply closet can translate to your business, too, helping your team get in, get out, and get on with their next task.

In fact, living – and working – in an organized environment can provide a host of benefits, including increasing productivity and reducing stress.  

Of course, the most organized supply closet in the world isn’t helpful if there are bare spots where much-needed items should be when you need them. Global supply chain issues have been pervasive since 2020 and continue to be a challenge for companies big and small. The Wall Street Journal reports, “Some U.S. companies are warning that Covid-19 lockdowns in Shanghai and elsewhere in China are denting sales, disrupting operations and putting added strain on supply chains that could be felt well into the summer.” If you rely on trips to the local store to stock up on cleaning products and tools, you may already know the frustration that comes from a wasted trip where you can’t find what you need.

A dedicated service provider with a solid supply chain can help you avoid supply closet overstock, shortages, and trips to the store to buy items on your own time. Plus, you’ll be able to find things more easily in the closet, because it’s stocked with what you need, where you need it: neat, tidy, and ready to go.

Here are some benefits you’ll want to keep in mind as you turn your supply closet into a spot that can save you time, money, and hassle. 

A reliable, just-in-time inventory that maximizes your space. 

An expert service provider can help you sidestep shortages and delays. Look for a partner with proven, solid supply chain processes that help to protect your business from some of the unpredictable waves of global supply chain issues. A supply closet that’s ready when you are can help you avoid bloated, overflowing shelves that are hard to navigate, represent budget that could be used elsewhere, and wastes precious, limited space.

Reaping the “downstream” benefits. 

A poorly stocked or messy supply closet can start a frustrating domino effect. Your customers may encounter dirty places in your business, because your employees couldn’t find what they needed to keep it clean. Your employees can find themselves wasting time and effort trying to find something that’s well hidden or simply not there. Your excess product may shrink or spoil. As you’re evaluating a service provider, be sure to consider big picture benefits too.

Savings that protect your budget. 

There’s a fine line between “too much” and “not enough,” and sometimes that line is 12 cases of paper towels you don’t yet need. Even billing brings the benefit of steady, predictable invoices, not wild ups and downs that are a headache to budget for. Stocking only what you need means a healthier bottom line, with funds available for operations, not tied up in your supply closet.

A place for everything. 

An expert service provider will provide weekly service to maintain necessary inventory levels and deliver more of what you need. You won’t run out of product or have to scramble to the store in hopes of finding what you need.

Clean is paramount. 

Dirty mops and towels can be a sour-smelling breeding ground for bacteria. A dedicated service provider delivers start-to-finish inventory support. You’ll receive a supply of clean mops heads and towels when your dirty ones are picked up for laundering, usually once a week.

Sustainability is within reach. 

At-home laundering of dirty towels and mop heads isn’t just inconvenient and time consuming, it uses more energy and water too. Plus, reusable towels are shown to reduce waste by 62%.There’s energy savings as an added bonus, too. Traditional at-home laundering and drying uses an average of 84% more water and 69% more energy than a partner like Cintas, which provides more efficient laundering services.

Making trips to the store to stock the supply closet takes time away from employees' day-to-day tasks, and that can be challenging for the whole team. Outsourcing the management of your supply closet can save time and money and allow you to focus on running your business.

Cintas provides a variety of products to fill your supply closet including mops, towels, trash can liners, and cleaning chemicals and regular service to maintain inventory levels. Check out what a supply closet can look like  before and after Cintas implements service. Want to learn more? Contact Cintas today.