Published 11.11.22

Your Team’s Workwear is as Important as Every Other Tool They Use. Are You Choosing Wisely?

Specialty trades professionals perform a host of demanding jobs, often under conditions that are less than ideal. Their work demands exactly the right tools to get the job done well.
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HVAC technicians keep temperatures safe and consistent for guests, patients and employees in facilities large and small. Plumbers make sure potable water is available for everyone from food service employees to surgical staff to front line workers. Construction workers perform critical renovations, upgrades and new builds, helping to ensure the work is done on time and up to code. All of them may find themselves working in extreme heat, cold or rain, needing to bend, climb and move nimbly.

The tools they have to get their work done must be in excellent working condition and precisely what they need to do the job efficiently. Uniforms can play a critical role in supporting specialty work, just like every other tool of the trade.

According to Scientific American, “Many studies show that the clothes you wear can affect your mental and physical performance.”

Factors like excessive heat and cold, dirt and mud, and the need to comfortably bend and stoop are all things to consider when you select your team’s workwear. Clothes that can cause binding, bunching, chafing or sweating are uncomfortable and distracting. Clothes that trap heat or can’t protect from the elements can become a safety issue, causing increased risk of heatstroke or even frostbite.

“No matter where you are, if you’re a plumber working outside on a daily basis the cold is going to affect you. Heat leaves the body more quickly, causing the body to work much harder to stay warm and keep a normal core temperature. If you’re not careful and properly dressed, this can lead to cold stress,” writes Plumber Magazine.

It’s widely understood that the demands put on clothes worn for labor-intensive work means they can wear out more quickly. “One thing that really grinds anyone’s gears is construction work clothes that aren’t made to last. There’s nothing more frustrating than the inseam tearing on a pair of pants you’ve had for only a few months,” writes Tough Jobs. “Having the right clothes is just as important as having the right tools when it comes to construction work. You want comfortable clothes that don’t hinder your range of motion and help protect you from potential workplace hazards. We all know that clothing is no substitution for construction personal protective equipment. Yet, some construction work clothes are made with OSHA safety standards in mind and can help comply.”

As you evaluate your team’s workwear, you may find it helpful to consider a uniform rental company that provides clean, professional garments precisely suited for each job, whether it’s manufacturing, HVAC, plumbing, industrial or construction.

While a fresh, on-brand appearance is an important part of your company’s reputation, it must work in tandem with practicality that allows your employees to get their jobs done safely and comfortably.

The benefits a uniform rental provider can provide.

Fabric matters.

Tough work demands tough clothes. Fabrics that rip, tear or fall apart quickly are more than unprofessional-looking. They drive up costs for you or your employee as they have to be replaced. Torn fabrics can also compromise protection, leaving employees exposed to the elements or workplace hazards.

Double-stitched fabrics can provide unparalleled durability, able to resist physically demanding jobs, wear and tear, and even discoloration.

Flame-resistant (FR) fabrics are highly technical and have become more advanced. There are a variety of lightweight FR fabrics from leading manufacturers like Carhartt®. In addition to their flame-resistant qualities, they’re lighter, more breathable and more comfortable to wear. Some FR fabrics even include high-visibility features, helping your employees to be seen in low-light conditions.

Comfort is paramount.

Are your employees wearing clothes that keep them warm in cold weather? Are they cool in the heat of summer? Does their workwear “breathe” and wick sweat away?

A sophisticated uniform rental program provides a host of workwear options, all geared toward making sure your team stays comfortable. Their clothes should be an asset, not a distraction. Features like mesh venting on shirts helps them to keep their cool. Multiple utility pockets on tops and bottoms and keep everything handy, from tools to cell phones.

The right clothes minimize hassles and maximize comfort, helping your team to get their jobs done more efficiently. No tugging, pulling or adjusting.

Mobility is key.

The work your team does demands movement. The clothes they wear should move comfortably with them. Pants made with durable stretch ripstop fabric is one answer to all the bending, crouching, and reaching the workday brings. Modern work jeans can feature a closer-to-the-body fit that still gives room to move.

Lightweight t-shirts provide both comfort and protection, while also being up for any physical challenge, from climbing and loading to hammering and drilling.

No matter what physical tasks your team faces, there are innovative workwear options to help them win the workday, and nowadays a much broader range of sizes – including women’s sizes – helping to create a more comfortable fit.

A professional uniform rental company provides additional benefits too. Dirty items are picked up regularly, thoroughly washed and maintained, and returned to you fresh and ready for use. Clothes that have holes, tears or stains are repaired or retired. Your team can start each workday with the confidence that comes from putting on workwear designed for comfort, mobility and durability.

To find out how a customized uniform rental program can benefit your business, contact Cintas today.