Cintas Uniform and Workwear Program

Comfortable, convenient, breathable and clean: get the quality workwear you need, delivered when and where you want.

Uniform and workwear programs from Cintas are built around your business, your employees and the unique needs of both. We start with foundational basics: functional work shirts and pants (including brands like Carhartt® and Chef Works®); and innovative fabrics like ComfortFlexPro that bend, twist and breathe, just like the people wearing them.  

From there, we’ll work with you to build the apparel program that’s right for your business. No detail is overlooked, from outerwear that’s focused on safety and protection from the elements to pockets conveniently located exactly where you need to quickly and easily access items for the job. There’s nothing too big — or too small — for our attention. 

Your complete workwear program even includes laundry service, saving you and your employees time, money and hassle. Every week you can count on a new delivery of fresh, hygienically cleaned apparel. It’s all designed to maximize employee satisfaction, elevate your brand and make your workday much simpler. 

Best of all, the managed workwear apparel program from Cintas is sustainably focused. Innovative processes and technology help reduce energy usage and associated greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water and limit waste being sent to landfills. 

Benefits of a Managed Workwear Program

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A managed workwear program does more than keep employees looking great. It can help protect your brand and advance your business. Expert laundering and attention-to-detail repairs helps workwear last longer and look great — ultimately saving you money by avoiding replacement costs. Not to mention, a simple logo on a shirt can even amplify your brand when employees are out and about in public.  

The managed workwear program from Cintas delivers comfortable, functional workwear employees want to wear. Every piece of apparel we offer is carefully selected to meet the scrutiny and standards of our customers. Whether it’s durability, retail-inspired details or top designers like Carhartt®, with inclusive laundry service to keep it all clean, we deliver a whole new level of easy.  

​​​How It Works

Simplicity leads the way in our managed workwear program. We’ve evaluated, streamlined and organized every part of the process to make it efficient and easy for you, in just three steps. 

How it works1


Select the apparel that best meets your employees’ needs — and helps them get the job done well and safely. 

how it's works2


Cintas delivers your crisp, clean workwear and picks up your dirty workwear. 

how it works 3


Your workwear is hygienically laundered and delivered right back to you. 

Your laundry service even includes careful inspection of each piece of workwear. If a button is missing or a repair is required, we take care of that. We even replace items when they need it. No fuss, no muss.  

The TruCount™ Inventory Management System

Missing shirts? Lost aprons? Dealing with lost and misplaced apparel can waste time and slow you down as you’re getting Ready for the Workday®. TruCount from Cintas scans and tracks every item in your apparel program. From the time garments are turned in to be laundered, to when they are returned crisp and clean the following week, you’ll know where your team’s workwear is. Every Cintas apparel customer is automatically enrolled in TruCount, so you can rest easy knowing your employees have what they need. 


On-site scanning so you know
what each employee turned in
before we leave your premises.


Every garment. Every visit. Every
time. It’s not just a claim. We
really do scan every garment
every time we visit.


Every visit, we’ll provide a report
showing the exact number of
garments scanned in, by wearer.

The Cintas Difference

Since our humble beginnings providing clean rags to businesses during the Great Depression, we have grown to serve millions of business owners and employees across North America. Today, businesses of all types and sizes count on Cintas to provide uniforms and workwear apparel for employees — among many other services.  

What truly makes the Cintas Difference isn’t just what we do. It’s how we do it.  

Our team fashions, selects and offers quality fabrics that deliver comfort and functionality. We professionally launder garments under the most up-to-date standards. Standards that not only deliver clean, crisp workwear, but also protect the technology and fabric that’s keeping your team safe from on-the-job hazards. It’s clean, convenient and professional workwear that’s delivered to you with just a one-week turnaround, thanks to 300 local stockrooms, nine distribution centers and more than 11,000 local delivery routes. 

We do all this with an eye on how to best support your business, employees and the environment. Recycling water bottles into clothes. Creating a closed workwear loop. Heat reclamation processes. Improved laundry efficiencies. Cleaner, greener laundry chemicals. We have reduced our energy use, conserved water and reduced the amount of waste that goes to landfills. We continue to look to the future to find and innovate new solutions that will enable us to reach our goal of net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. Sustainability has always been and will always be a top priority at Cintas.   

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