Onsite Testing

Help protect your employees and comply with federal regulations of onsite testing through our professional instructors or third-party vendors. 

Start with audiometric testing conducted by an industry-leading team. Choose respiratory protection that includes fit testing for respirators, and dosimeter level testing that can help identify areas in which hearing protection is needed. All of it designed to support your safety and compliance efforts with one-stop ease, and keep your team protected and focused on the ​​job.  

What We Offer


State-of-the-art mobile units are dispatched to your employees for annual hearing assessments, providing a convenient solution that both saves time and supports your compliance and safety goals. Testing includes hearing examination, testing in English or Spanish, immediate test results and counseling on next steps.

Respiratory Protection

Cintas helps provide safety and convenience by conducting respirator fit testing onsite, at your facility. Qualitative and quantitative testing are both available, as well as medical clearance prior to testing.

Dosimeter Levels

What are the noise levels in your facility? This professionally led onsite testing includes an 8-hour time weighted average compiled using up to six dosimeters placed on employees spread throughout your facility for maximum accuracy. The noise survey is based on NIOSH recommendations and follows OSHA regulation for describing which areas need annual testing in your facility. A professional technician will use a map of the facility to compile localized readings as the dosimeter-wearing employees are at work, generating a clearer picture of noise levels. You’ll receive a detailed report that includes all results and readings, along with guidance for your hearing protection program.


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Below are a few rules and regulations to keep in mind for your annual on-site testing

CFR 1910.95 (k)(1)

The employer shall train each employee who is exposed to noise at or above an 8-hour time weighted average of 85 dB in accordance with the requirements of this section.

CFR 1910.95(g)(6)

Audiograms must be completed annually.

CFR 1910.95 (k)(2)

The training program shall be repeated annually for each employee included in the hearing conservation program.

CFR 1910.134 (k)

Requires the employer to provide effective training to employees who are required to use respirators. The training must be comprehensive, understandable, and recur annually and more often if necessary.

CFR 1910.134(f)

Fit test is required before initial use and annually thereafter.

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