Cintas offers on-site employee respirator fit testing and hearing testing and training for your employees. This system allows you to be more productive without sending your employees off-site to perform these annually required tasks. View all Training Courses

Training Includes

  • On-site, online and DVD compliance programs around your training needs
  • The hearing program covers proper use of hearing protection equipment, definition of noise, warning signs of hearing loss and typical decibel levels
  • On-site fit testing and hearing testing
  • The Respiratory program covers proper selection, medical clearance, fitting and inspection of respirators, as well as qualitative and quantitative fit testing
  • On-line medical clearances

Training Formats

  • DVD Compliance Program
    • Programs include instructor guides to help administer training internally
    • State-of-the-art DVD training videos and PowerPoint presentations
    • Simple, everyday language clarifies how to comply with OSHA standards
    • Complete customizable written program to ensure compliance
    • We develop core content that you can then save and customize:
      • PowerPoint Presentations
      • Quizzes
      • Written Programs
      • Checklists
      • Training Records
  • Online
    • Over 250 fully interactive courses
    • All topics meet OSHA requirements
    • Ability to tailor course curriculum to your needs
    • Quizzes that must be passed to ensure comprehension
    • Comprehensive, easy-to-use recordkeeping system to track your employees’ programs
  • Instructor-Led
    • Low instructor-student ratio to engage students
    • On-site scheduling or open enrollment for classes at your local Cintas facility
    • Flexible, convenient scheduling to cover multiple shifts
    • Standardized classes nationwide for single or multiple facilities
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Below are a few rules and regulations to keep in mind for your annual on-site testing

CFR 1910.95 (k)(1)

The employer shall train each employee who is exposed to noise at or above an 8-hour time weighted average of 85 dB in accordance with the requirements of this section.

CFR 1910.95(g)(6)

Audiograms must be completed annually.

CFR 1910.95 (k)(2)

The training program shall be repeated annually for each employee included in the hearing conservation program.

CFR 1910.134 (k)

Requires the employer to provide effective training to employees who are required to use respirators. The training must be comprehensive, understandable, and recur annually and more often if necessary.

CFR 1910.134(f)

Fit test is required before initial use and annually thereafter.