Leather Work Gloves

Coated knit gloves are the most dynamic category of gloves. These gloves are often a combination of different fibers and dips, and can be used for a wide range of job applications and hazards. Coated knit gloves are known for their comfort, fit and dexterity. For our complete line of gloves:  Glove Catalog.

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Most Popular Leather Work Gloves

Standard grade, cowhide double palm with safety cuff

  • Jointed inner palm for increased durability
  • Gunn cut
  • Wing thumb increases comfort
  • Leather knuckle strap and finger tips
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    • Double Leather Palm Standard Gloves


    Pursuant to OSHA Regulations, 29 CFR 1910.132 (Subpart I), an employer bears sole responsibility for selecting the type(s) of personal protective equipment to be used by its employees. All purchasers of personal protective equipment from Cintas bear full responsibility for selecting the PPE appropriate for use by their employees. Cintas expressly disclaims all implied warranties including an implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose.


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