Published 05.08.15

3 Common Fire Protection Equipment Deficiencies

Fire protection equipment is an essential part of any facility’s life safety program. Read about some of the most common deficiencies.
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It’s commonly understood that fire protection equipment is an essential part of any facility’s life safety program and should not be neglected. So why are code violations and equipment deficiencies so common? Let’s take a look at some of the most common fire equipment deficiencies and some of the misconceptions that lead to them.

Extinguisher does not Properly Cover Surrounding Hazards

Different fire hazards require different extinguishers, ranging in size to type of chemical agent inside. There is no “one size fits all” extinguisher that will cover any hazard. A facility must have portable fire extinguishers appropriate for their surroundings.

Emergency Lights & Exit Signs are Inspected “In-House”

Many facility managers choose to pass this responsibility to their on-site maintenance staff. Not only can this take hours depending on facility size, but an in-house inspection often does not satisfy the testing requirements laid out in NFPA 10. On top of monthly visual inspections, each unit must simulate being lit for at least 90 minutes on back-up battery power and proper inspection documentation is required.

Painted Sprinkler Heads

Automatic sprinkler systems save lives — according to the Congressional Office of Compliance, the chances of an individual dying in a fire are reduced by 50-75% when a properly maintained sprinkler system is present. Painting a sprinkler head inhibits it from functioning as intended. Only the manufacturer is allowed to paint a sprinkler head. If a sprinkler head is painted, code requires that it be replaced.

A reputable Fire Protection Provider will help you to avoid compliance issues such as these. Cintas offers a complete Fire Protection Program that will keep all of your equipment code compliant through our Value Inspection Program.


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